Facebook Messenger (Unofficial) (Chrome) 2.1.8

Chrome extension that allows you to open your Facebook messenger with a button on your browser

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    (Unofficial) (Chrome) 2.1.8

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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Facebook Messenger for Chrome is an app that lets you chat with friends and access features of the official messaging system without using Facebook. With millions of registered users visiting the site every day, there are probably more than a few people you want to stay in touch with, and this app can help you connect with all of them.

You may not realize that Facebook actually eliminated the ability that users had to check their messages and send new messages via its official app. Facebook deleted that feature and introduced its own Facebook Messenger app that you need to download and use. This app is suitable for use on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Facebook Messenger for Chrome is an alternative chat app that works with any device that uses a Google Chrome browser.

As much as you love Facebook, you probably hate the distractions that pop up when you try to have a conversation with a loved one. Each time that you log into the site, you land on your homepage, which shows you a list of the updates that others posted. As you try to talk online, the site will keep updating your feed with new posts, requests from friends who play games and even content relating to pages that you liked. Facebook Messenger for Chrome lets you enjoy all those conversations without any of the distractions.

Facebook Messenger for Chrome is essentially a plug-in extension designed specifically for Chrome. Once you download this extension, it will add a small button to the task bar that you see at the top of the browser. Clicking on this button will open up a brand new window that gives you access to your messages. You can view the old messages that you saved, see new messages that you received and even start new conversations with those on your friend's list.

Keep in mind that you must remain logged in on the Facebook page to keep receiving updates. As long as you stay logged in, this extension will automatically notify you each time that you receive a new message. If you log out of Facebook, you cannot view those messages or see updates. You may need to go back to Facebook, log back in and keep an eye on the extension as you surf the web.

This extension looks like the older version of the messaging system used by Facebook because it is essentially that same feature in a new form. If you use Facebook Messenger on your phone, you may dislike the outdated look of this extension. As this is an outdated version, the developers do not offer any updates or help with the product. Many may try this extension once before deleting it and trying other messaging systems.

The extension comes with just a few buttons on the very top. One button lets you view those on your friend's list, one lets you check out the notifications you received and one gives you access to all your Facebook settings. You can see your game requests, your photos and even the pages that you liked in the past. The most important button looks like a small messaging window and gives you access to all your messages. If you see a red box on this button, it indicates that you have a new message. The number in these boxes will change to reflect the number of unread messages you have.

Clicking on this button will load only your most recent messages. You can see who sent that message, the last response in that message and how long ago the person sent it. Links underneath those messages let you view the messages that you moved to your SPAM folder, all archived messages and all other messages. Other messages will include older messages that you sent or received, while the archived messages will include all those you archived or saved.

The best thing about Facebook Messenger for Chrome is that it lets you have a long or short conversation with a user who is currently online. You can send a shorter or a longer message and include images or links to sites in that message. The page will keep moving down to keep up with your conversation. The older responses remain at the top of the screen, and newer responses are near the bottom of the screen.

As you chat, the name of the person you chat with will appear at the top of the screen. Each message that you receive will include when the user sent that message and how the user sent it. This lets you know which friends are on the Facebook site and which friends are on Facebook Messenger for Chrome or a similar chat app.

Though Facebook Messenger for Chrome does look pretty outdated, it might remind you of all those chat apps you used during the early days of the web for talking with friends online. It cannot support video messages, but it does let you send emoticons in your conversations. Facebook now offers a simple chat app that you can use via the website and an app that you can use without logging into the site. Facebook Messenger for Chrome is just an extension that may not deliver all the results that you want.


  • Gives you access to your chats without logging into the siteli>
  • Lets you talk with Facebook friends without using the full websiteli>
  • Can support multiple conversations at the same timeli>
  • Makes it easy to have private conversations without other distractions getting in your wayli>
  • Comes with support for both text messages and picture messages


    • Does not come with any additional features beyond what you can do on the official siteli>
    • Takes up unnecessary space on your device's hard driveli>
    • Does not offer support for more than one userli>
    • Is an outdated version of the Facebook messaging systemli>
    • Facebook no longer offers support for this versionli>ul>

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